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Top 5 Instagram Marketing Tips for 2021

As 2020 turns its tail, it has become more obvious than ever before that social media today stands for the most powerful marketing you can have for yourself or your business. How can you make yourself stand out in the increasingly fierce and evolving competition? By employing the freshest strategies available! And we’re here to help you with that.

As more than one seventh of the total human population have an active Instagram profile (and the absolute majority of them follow at least one Business profile), this picturesque social media giant can quite literally make your business with its lush marketing options, or break it in relentless swarms of competition.

The key to success is to stay ahead. With these powerful Instagram marketing tips, you’ll be more than able to meet 2021 head-on and thrive. Let’s dive right into them!

1.  Go Business (if you haven’t already) and optimize your profile

The benefits of going Business on Instagram can’t be overstated. Did you know that with a Business account you get a whole set of tools that are unavailable to Personal accounts? From Instagram Insights and various other marketing-related gadgets to additional contact information, messaging options, and call-to-action buttons, these additions will be your edge over others.

With these additional customization options you should be able to provide (and gather!) more details about your business. Give your brand a stylish name, provide nifty description in those few lines available, fill out the labels precisely, and use the extra to provide more technical details. Remember, your profile is your business’s face to the rest of the world: make it sleek!

2.  Determine who your audience is

Knowing your audience is everything. It makes a difference whether you offer water to fish in a pond or camels in a desert, right? Well, this is the logic that should drive your Instagram targeting.

Conduct research and find out who your ideal audience is. Business account is vital here since gathering insights requires some of the tools it provides. Get a feel on who your business should cater to and devise your strategy in that direction. Create your content to strike the chord of your ideal customer and it’ll drive your presence (and your sales) sky-high.

3.  Come up with your own aesthetics

Visuals stand at the heart of Instagram. As the content users consume is visual, the graphics of you show, as well as the overall aesthetics need to be synonymous with your business.

In other words, think in advance about how your business looks to your followers. For example, each color tells a story, and a specific color palette can weave a narrative on by itself. By focusing your attention on giving your business personality with color, you will create something that will leave a much greater impression than if you disregarded colors or used them at random.

Striking visuals can be that detail that will change your Instagram forever. #gorgeous

4.  Devote your attention to hashtags and captions

It’s a well known fact that smart hashtags leave a good impression with users. It’s not-as-well known fact that hashtags actually form a giant network of posts that the algorithm relies on when recommending content to other users. How about a shortcut to a larger pool of Instagram users? A smart use of hashtags is exactly that, and much more.

This is why your Instagram marketing could use a hashtag manager software. Let’s take Task Ant as the perfect example. By utilizing links with exhaustive libraries filled to the brim with top-performing hashtags, it is at all times ready to deliver something adequate, both to users and to the algorithm. Add to this the extensive insights provided to you, as well as an option to track and borrow from your competition’s hashtag strategies, and you have a means of fixing your hashtags properly, forever.

5.  Cater to your followers base

The most successful marketing strategy of 2021 is going to be the gamification of your following. What does that mean? It means actively rewarding participation in the building of your brand. How do you do this? Simply enough–by giving shoutouts to especially active followers, incentivizing your fans to interact by the means of lottery or rewards system, making collabs or building case studies…

The options are limited only by your imagination. Be creative! Just keep in mind that an audience which sees that you care is much more likely to propel your brand forward.


These may be fine details, as some of you might think, but in the age of social media, every little step counts. However, no matter how much time passes, social media marketing still won’t lose its connection to humanity.

Be human. Show that your business is still run by people, even if surrounded by so many alienating brands that seem so otherworldly.

Strike a balance between optimization and being natural and you’ll have yourself among the Instagram stardom in no time.

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