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Guidelines for Exceptional Web Design, Usability, and User Experience

When you try to achieve something with your site, you will need to stress on a lot more than just the looks. There are over a billion websites that they can visit in the world of the internet, and you need to ensure that the website is optimized well for usability. Another thing that you need to focus on is user experience. This thing means how fun it is for users to interact with the website. 

You can spend eons finding out the outs and ins of UX and usability. But, in this blog, we have compiled a list of fundamental points that you apply to your following web design in Sydney, Australia. So, let us dive right in.



When a website tends to stick to the conventions of the internet world, it is said to be dependable. In inconsistent phrases, this dependability factor will enhance the belief extent that the website conveys. Therefore, if you plan to create a website that will offer the ideal buyer expertise potential, you have to be credible.

We recommend you to be sincere and transparent concerning the products and services you promote. Please do not make the guests pant for breath as they keep digging dozens of pages only to know what you do. Stay upfront and link your homepage with a rate page. Record the costs clearly on the website. This tiny little thing makes your website reputable and super reliable.

Options of navigation 

If your audience cannot find what they seek, then there is a problem. Try to make the menu easy and clear to follow. Ensure you have a separate “Blog” or “News” page where you can post your articles and e-news. We also recommend stating your contact details because that is critical too. You may put vital contact information like an email address or an inquiry line in every page’s header, but we suggest not. 

The principal thing you can do is have a distinct “Contact us” page that visitors can access from the main menu. You can also insert a search function that is quite useful as well. 

Here are a few things that you can do to optimize the navigation aspect of your site:

  • Do not offer excess options of navigation on the page.
  • Near the top side of your website, keep a search box so that visitors can search for anything using keywords.
  • Please use breadcrumbs on each page of the website because it dramatically enhances the way users can discover their way around. 
  • Keep the primary navigation structure as simple as possible
  • Include links within the copy of the page.  

Accessibility in design 

Suppose you are making a website accessible, then that means that anybody can use your website. By anybody, we mean normal individuals as well as individuals with limitations or disabilities. The consortium of the world wide web provides standards and guidelines for accessible web design. We suggest improving the accessibility of your website by using high-contrast schemes of color, non-mouse navigation, and Alt text for the images. 

Non-mouse or keyboard navigation is essential for people who have difficulty controlling the mouse or seeing the cursor. Similarly, schemes of hi-contrast color with white background and black text make it easier for people to read.


Have you ever thought about how your website would appear on a smartphone? A tablet or a laptop? As per recent data, over 50 percent of people read newsletters on mobile devices. That means the layout and content must adjust to fit beautifully into the viewer’s screen. 

We recommend using Google’s mobile-friendly test to check how responsive your website is.


To keep your website’s navigation constant, make sure you keep the overall feel and look of the site consistent. The writing tone, typefaces, color schemes, and backgrounds need to be consistent too. We recommend that because all these aspects together can have a positive impact on UX and usability.

However, we must add that by no means should you keep the layout the same for every page. Instead, try creating individual arrangements for specific kinds of pages. For example, you can have a separate structure for informational pages and a different landing page. 

This attempt will only make it uncomplicated for the visitors to comprehend the information they will find on a definite page.


Your website decides the magnitude of your online presence . Thus, you have to ensure that visitors have an excellent user experience whenever they visit your site. Update your website if you didn’t in a long time. Consider things that you did not try before. And, if you have anything else to know about user experience or improving usability and web design, leave your queries down below.

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