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How to Upload an Audio File in Blogger

Sometimes it is better to have some audio files on your Blogger site rather than some dull text content. With audio, you can add more spice to your content as users can listen to the audio rather than reading the whole content by themselves. Today in this article, we will show you how to upload an Audio file in Blogger.

The Problem: Uploading an Audio file in Blogger
The Solution: You will upload your audio file on a free internet hosting, and then you will add the audio file to your Blogger site.

Why to Add an Audio file in Blogger?

  • For a musician who wants to publish a new song in a blog post.
  • For a blogger who wants to add a podcast to a blog post.
  • Anyone who is willing to add an audio file to their blog post so users don’t have to read as they can enjoy listening to an audio version of your content.

Step #1: Uploading an Audio file

Firstly, go to Google Drive dashboard, and click on the “Newbutton and then select “File Upload“.
Upload Audio file to Google Drive

This will open up the media uploader. Now, you need to select an audio file that you want to upload. The audio file can be of any extension such as Mp3, Wav, etc.
Select a Audio file to upload

Google Drive will now take few minutes to upload the audio file to your account. Once the uploading is done, you will notice a green tick arrow right next to the title of your audio file.
Uploading a audio file completed on Google Drive

Step #2: Make Audio File available for Public users

To make your file open to all public users on the internet, click on the title of the audio file you just uploaded.
Click on Uploaded file title on Google Drive

Upon clicking the title of the uploaded file, it will open up a quick preview of your audio file. Click on the “More actions” icon and select “Share“.
Sharing the file on Google Drive

Click on the “Get Shareable Link” to make the audio file available to the public users. Anyone with a shareable link can listen to your audio file.
Get the shareable link to the audio file on Google Drive

Now it’s up to you to either add the shareable link to your blog post or go one step further and embed the audio file to your Blogger site.

Step #3: Get the Embed Code of Audio file

Once the shareable link is created, you will need to visit the shareable link to get the embed code of your Audio file. Click on “Copy Link” and open it in a new tab in your browser.
Copy the Shareable link to View the Audio file

Upon visiting the shareable link, you will see an audio player. Click on the “More actions” icon and select “Embed Item“.
Embed Audio file using Google Drive

Now copy the HTML embed code of your audio file and paste it either in your posts or pages.
Embed code from Google Drive

Step #4: Add the Embed code in Blogger Post:

Go to Blogger >> Your Blog >> Edit/Create a post or page where you want to embed your audio file. On the post editor screen, click on the HTML tab and paste the embed code that you copied in the previous step.
HTML Tab on Blogger Post Editor

Click on the “Preview” button to see how the audio file looks on your blog. You can modify the width and height of the embedded audio file by modifying the HTML code. If you’re satisfied with the result, press “Publish” button to post to your blog.

We hope this tutorial has benefited you in learning how to upload an audio file in blogger. You are free to share your suggestions in the comments below.

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